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Specialises in high-quality clothing alterations to fit you just right – flattering your exact size and shape, making you feel good.

All Perfect Fit locations provide shortening services. To ensure that you not only get the perfect length but also the perfect style, Perfect Fit tailors also specialise in putting the original hems back onto your jeans so they look unaltered and matching to the original stitching.

Shorten pants and jeans hems (standard and original finishes)
Formal  and casual dresses
Bridal gowns
Shorter skirts
Jackets, shirts and jumpers
Sleeves and shoulders

All Perfect Fit locations provide lengthening services to ensure that you not only get the perfect length but also the perfect fit for your body shape and size. On the tall side? Talk to one of our teams about our lengthening services - Perfect Fit can lengthen garments that are too short for you.

Lengthen pants and jeans
Formal and casual dresses
Bridal gowns
Skirts and shorts
Jackets, shirts and jumpers arms and hems

Being petite comes with one downfall - fashion clothing sizes are either too big or not accessible at all. Size 6 in one store could be size 8 in another one.
In a situation like this, you need a professional service provider like Perfect Fit to take in your garment for the perfect fit. If you have lost some weight recently and all your old favourite clothes no longer fit, just head on to one of our stores and professional tailors will help you take in the garments.

Take in pants and jeans waist
Formal and casual dresses
Bridal gowns
Skirts and shorts
Jackets, shirts and jumpers

You may have noticed that some fashion garments have the right length but can be too tight. Our tailors can let out almost any garment to ensure they fit. Just head to Perfect Fit Alterations where our tailors will ensure you get the right fit for your exact body shape and size. You can let out your pants waist, dresses, jackets, shirt sides and much more. The amount we can let out depends on the garment and the way it is made. The best thing to do is to visit one of our stores for more details.

Let out pants and jeans waist
Formal and casual dresses
Skirts and shorts waist
Jackets, shirts and jumpers arms and much more

Alike most people, you too probably have clothes sitting in your wardrobe that just doesn’t fit! At Perfect Fit, we specialise in resizing your garments to fit your current body shape and size. Instead of buying a new wardrobe every time your weight changes, you can wear your favourites any time you desire.
We also specialise in resizing and reshaping all clothing you want, doesn’t matter if they come in your size or body shape.

Resize pants and jeans
Formal and casual dresses
Bridal gowns
Jackets, shirts and jumpers

It’s your favourite garment and the zipper has broken off and there’s a tear in the seams! Perfect Fit Alterations is here to help. Repairing zippers, hems, linings, beads and sequins that have fallen off, replacing missing buttons, torn seams and fixing holes. You can extend the life of your favourite clothes and enjoy wearing them for much longer!!!

Patching tears and holes
Repairing or replacing broken zippers
Replacing broken or missing buttons, hook and eyes
Repairing split seams
Repairing replacing or adding linings

A great way to follow current fashion trends without breaking your budget is by restyling your existing wardrobe. Perfect Fit tailors will do it for you!!!
Maxi dress to mini, shortening the hemline, recreating neckline or adding beads, buttons, zippers and bows is the least we can do!!!
Altering your wide legs into skinny legs or cropped jeans so that you never miss a trend is no problem for us!!!
If you are on a budget or want to stand out with your clothes visit one of our shops. We’re here to help!!!

Restyle dresses and skirts
Restyle pants and jeans
Jackets and shirts

Our tailors will give you the perfect fit on your special day by altering your wedding gown so that you look absolutely beautiful on your wedding day. Every bridesmaid has a different body. Our tailors will nip, tuck, shorten, lengthen and rework each dress to ensure the style looks the same on each of your bridesmaids. Don’t forget to get your grooms and best men’s suits altered too for your fairy tale wedding.

Wedding gowns
Bridesmaid dresses
Flower girl's dresses
Grooms suits
Best men’s suits

With the help of our team, you can wear your favourite pants or jeans while you’re pregnant! Perfect Fit can change the top panel of your jeans or pants to a stretch fabric so that you can feel comfortable with your pregnancy. Sometimes we can even reverse the alterations to your original size after you give birth by keeping the original fabric. For more information visit or call one of our stores and talk to our staff about this service.

Personalised Embroidered Gifts: Baby blankets, towels, cushions and pillows, his and hers bathrobes, embroidered gift sets, aprons, tablecloths, scarfs.
Business Embroidery: business logo on shirts, uniforms, ties.
Promotional Embroidery: T-shirt embroidery, bags, sports teams and clubs apparel, patches and badges, tags and much more.

Leather and suede garments are difficult to take care of and also costly. Our tailors work with the best equipment and material to ensure your leather and suede garments are taken care of in a professional manner – taking into consideration the quality of the leather or suede and its special requirements.

Alter your leather jacket, pants, skirt or shorts for a perfect fit.If your leather or suede garments need to be repaired talk to one of our tailors to receive expert advice.


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